Italian Design Rugs and Carpets

Since 1963 Loloey carpets have been delighting Italian-design enthusiasts seeking out personalized creations and top-end craftsmanship.
The vast variety of techniques and materials at our disposal enables us to deliver a whole suite of area rug or wall-to-wall solutions specially devised to adapt to their surrounds, and to effortlessly handle residential work and contract projects. We work with the most eminent architectural firms and interior-design studios in the world: a special team is dedicated to creating each product, making sure it fits individual requirements and following the whole process through, from initial concept to final installations.


Fairmont Washington D.C.

Location: Lobby, Ballrooms, Restaurants, Suites Quality: Handtufted Cina, Wool and Shiny Nylon Style: Abstract

MSC Seashore

Location: Cabins Quality: Axminster Stile: Plane








Behind every Loloey creation there is a team of Italian designers whose fine training skills acquired from the top design schools of Milan have been honed by international work experience. Italian design has long been renowned for leaving an unmistakable stamp of elegance on even the most common household objects. Carpets are no exception.
The Italian design approach is a complex process which masterfully blends an unbroken tradition of workmanship, fine manufacturing and pure creativity. Our team members have all inherited this legacy and exalt this heritage in all they do.