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Alex Woogmaster

Special Collection

The Sketchbook Collection by American designer Alex Woogmaster is inspired by his time spent living on the Italian peninsula, and his frequent returns for work and passion. Each luxuriously detailed carpet features particular aspects of a fantasy palazzo and its environs imagined by Woogmaster, with details reinterpreted through the lens of his own sketch journal. The results are dramatically abstracted design elements on all scales, with coloration inspired by the time-gilded drawings of Michelangelo and Bernini.

Each rug design initiates with a hand drawing from Alex’s ever-present sketchbook. Loloey has kept authentic traces of his originating sketches throughout the collection and translated them into fibers of the finest wool and silk. Nostalgia, grandeur, and a gentle sense of irony combine in these elegant carpets, imagined as sophisticated historic twists for contemporary environments. Woogmaster sees these carpet designs as meditations, meant to layer guest experiences as they engage their surroundings, and muse upon what lies below the surface.

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