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Daniel Libeskind

Special Collection

“Disorder and arbitrariness - arising from a delusion of order pushed way beyond its limits - unveil, according to a strange paradox, their own logic: a structure that, just like a secret and inaccessible truth, was foreshadowed in the seductive depths of chaos.” 
- Daniel Libeskind, Line of Fire, 1988–

Created by Daniel Libeskind for Loloey, this limited-edition rug collection takes its cues from the world of architecture. It consists of a series of unique rugs and carpets, each boasting different color schemes and designed with both contractor and retail work in mind. Inspired by fractal geometry, a leitmotif that is recurrent in all Libeskind’s work, these vibrant geometric patterns exert a strong abstract appeal and create pieces which are one-of-a-kind. Handmade from pure bamboo silk with a tufting technique, this luxurious Italian carpet collection draws the eye with its clean-cut geometric lines and peerlessly bridges the gap between aesthetic allure and functionality. 

More information can be found on Daniel Libeskind's website.