Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid

The Karim Rashid carpet collection draws inspiration from a vast array of sources such as technology, architecture and design. These are the themes that Karim Rashid has been working with for several years now, giving them his own personal stamp and projecting that distinctive vision of the world which has over time earned him immense popularity and respect. 

The patterns brought into existence by this collaboration project bear his unmistakable hallmark.  Some flit like contemporary digital illusions, dissolving away into the carpet edge as their sharp contours disintegrate from the center outwards, like an Escher drawing. Others play with architectural figures seen from an imprecise viewpoint, an effect created by mimicking different light sources casting a series of unusual shadows on the wall. Still others boast linear, geometric colorful shapes that on some carpets create uneven edges.

Karim Rashid refuses to abandon his own individual approach when it comes to colors too: he works with a full-color palette punctuated with neon and black & white accents. Fuchsia pink, electric yellow, orange, green, deep blue and red are the signature shades of his eclectic work and they crop up again and again. But Rashid knowingly softens his color scheme with a show of muted pinks, subtle blues, greens, oranges, and violets fading into the background; all these bright shades cluster vividly and pop against a jet-black base, producing a three-dimensional effect.

This collection has been created exclusively with natural and noble materials: New Zealand wool and bamboo silk. An exquisitely smooth and shiny yarn, New Zealand wool is renowned for its resilience and insulating properties and offers the perfect solution both for private and public spaces. Endowed with a silken sheen, bamboo silk is soft to the touch and delicately lustrous. A combination of these two pure and precious materials make for a top-quality carpet of rare beauty.

Additional information can be found on Karim Rashid’s website.