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Kirk Nix

Special Collection

Kirk Nix is a visionary one-man powerhouse who has created boundary-pushing interiors for the world’s most exclusive hotels. Nix has left an enduring mark on global-hospitality design over the last 20 years. From 5-star hotels located in three different continents to his fabric, furnishing and lighting design collections, Kirk has spread a signature aesthetic that marries classic and contemporary influences. He continues to be one of the defining tastemakers in the luxury-design industry, forging ahead with a clear vision that encompasses all aspects of design, planning, programming, and project development and deploying a diverse gamut of design expertise, including architecture and pure decorative art. Driven by his eclectic nature, the Los Angeles-based designer has branched out into a new design area and decided to explore the world of rugs.

Kirk-Nix style meets textile excellence in this new luxury rug collection. A dramatically diverse and compelling collaboration that blends old and new and puts a fresh spin on contemporary décor - a key theme that is repeated throughout all of his projects. The combination of his markedly modern taste with the awe-inspiringly ancient tradition of craftsmanship creates a matchless mix where colors merge in a graphic gambol of artistic motifs, elevated by the glistening luster of silk. These area rugs have been skillfully created to ensure that customer expectations are met, exceeded and perfectly redefined.

More information can be found on Kirk Nix's website.