Eikon Collection 2023

The first sight of our New Collection. Let's take a closer look at Eikon.

Loloey, the renowned company specializing in the creation of rugs and carpets, is commemorating their 60th anniversary by unveiling a sneak peek of their latest creation, EIKON.

EIKON is a contemporary representation of classical design that strikes a perfect balance between the ancient and modern styles. EIKON’s signature style is evident in every space and is a unique blend of traditional and modern elements.

The New 2023 Collection is a break from the conventional carpet designs and features a language that is characterized by a newfound eclecticism. The designs are crafted using basic, elemental graphic signs that are transformed into visual figures of speech. Furthermore, the collection boasts of high-impact, innovative, and textured finishes that create tridimensional designs. This renders the designs with unique structures, modularity, and alternation of repeated lines. These lines enrich architectural spaces through their harmonious juxtaposition of graphic signs, simple geometries, and chromatic contrasts.


Eikon comprises of eight distinct designs that include Litote, Anafora, Rima, Iperbole, Paronomasia, Chiasmo, Metafora, and Ironia. Each design has its unique features such as fleeting, golden waves, repeated melodious curves, rich juxtapositions, combination and sudden alternation of similar lines, intersection of contiguous lines, heavenly textures and patterns, and vibrant notes with a persistent rhythm. The iconic rug of the collection is Allegoria that represents the most complex and dreamlike visual figure of speech. It is a contemporary composition that blends different graphic designs and textures, with the tree of life in the center, symbolizing the profound connection between the earthly and divine dimensions. 

This design represents a 60-year-old path and is a significant addition to the collection.