Loloey has played a significant role in the success of the restyling of both Crystal cruise ships, intervening in various areas such as the Casino, Spa, corridors, suites, and restaurants.

Crystal Symphony: Timeless Charm

The recent cabin restyling project on Crystal Symphony has transformed the cruise experience into a journey through timeless elegance. A key element in this transformation is the exquisite carpeting inspired by white marble with golden veins. Crafted masterfully by Loloey, these Axminister carpets become true protagonists of the interior spaces, enveloping each cabin in an atmosphere of sophistication and warmth.

The carpet seamlessly integrates with the refreshed design palette, characterized by neutral tones and pastel shades that evoke the colors of the ocean. A symphony of style and comfort invites passengers to experience luxury in a way never before imagined.

Crystal Serenity: Aesthetic Refinement in UMI UMA Restaurant

An elevated gastronomic experience comes to life in the revamped UMI UMA restaurant aboard Crystal Serenity. This award-winning venue is adorned with the prestigious Loloey carpets, inspired by moving Japanese fans. The layered geometries of these carpets create a minimalist and oriental aesthetic that blends seamlessly with the surroundings. The color palette, reminiscent of sea tones, adds a touch of serenity to this culinary paradise, transforming the gastronomic experience into a complete sensory journey.


Loloey, with its expertise in carpet and carpet design and production, has contributed to the success of the restyling of both Crystal cruise ships in various areas: Casino, Spa & Beauty Room, corridors, suites, and restaurants. The carpets not only symbolize timeless elegance but also represent a deep commitment to creating unique luxury experiences. The collaboration with Crystal Symphony and Serenity is the tangible result of our dedication to raising design standards in exclusive environments.