In a groundbreaking collaboration, Loloey has joined creative forces with Maya Romanoff to design an innovative and exquisite wallcovering collection: Levante Digital Prints.

Available from September 2021, the eleven luxury wallcoverings feature our most revered prints, all translated to adorn the walls of high-end residential and hospitality spaces.

The wallcoverings are created using advanced digital printing technology, a first for both companies. The bespoke patterns that we are globally known for are scrupulously printed on an array of substrates, including Type II vinyl and sustainable textured non-wovens, to compose eleven high-performance wallcoverings, each available in a dark and a light colorway. Made in the US, the superbly diverse collection was intentionally curated to accommodate projects of any aesthetic and scope.

“The Loloey patterns chosen by Maya Romanoff have been developed over the years by our in-house design studio in Milan and are used by our clients to adorn the floors of the most prestigious hotels and residences,” says our Managing Director, William Loloey. “We are excited our clients will now have the opportunity to also enhance the walls of their projects with our designs.”

Both family-owned and renowned in their fields, Maya Romanoff and Loloey are equally focused on impeccable design and pristine quality. Loloey is the premier Italian designer and manufacturer of custom rugs and carpets. Maya Romanoff is the United States’ largest producer of handcrafted wallcoverings.

“This was a true ‘family’ collaboration,” says Joyce Romanoff, CEO at Maya Romanoff. “What we have done for walls, Loloey has done for floors. Even though they speak Italian, we speak the same language. When you have similar sensibilities, your work is seamless. Loloey’s heritage is incredible, and we were able to come together to create something that is a little MAYA and a little bit of Loloey, and it is spectacular.”

Full information on the Levante collection is available on the Maya Romanoff website.