Sailing with Loloey

From private individuals' yachts to large cruise ships, this is the world our projects embrace under the naval heading here on the website.

There are three markets in which Loloey has always been active with its productions: hospitality, residential and last but not least the naval sector.

A few weeks ago we told you about the new flagship of the dream fleet, the Disney Wish. But many more are the sailing ships we are going to equip with our carpets and rugs.

For each design, we are able to create the shape, the surface and the extension that best suits the soul of the environment to be realised. Certainly one of the lines that best suits the style of those who want to venture into the waves is Nuance. In particular, the Itaca and Ios models always catch the eye.
Recently, however, our new Eikon collection has also been a great success with its natural colours and play of textures and three-dimensionality.

We therefore invite you to take a look at our latest innovations and delight in the designs created by our creative team.

Stay tuned to our channels to learn more about our experience at the CSI Expo in Miami held this week!