Salone del Mobile 2023

Loloey: once again at the main design show. Salone del Mobile 2023 We are going to show you the experience offered to the oldest and the newest friends we met!

A grand return to the Salone del Mobile 2023.
Loloey once again succeeded in being a pole of curiosity in rug and carpet design.
This is also thanks to the new Eikon collection presented exclusively during the event.

The Allegory rug appeared very quickly on the social profiles of many users who recognized in it the many techniques and celebratory history of the 60th anniversary of our brand.
On a main weave representing the tree of life (a classic element of Persian carpets) six upper levels are developed, each of which is representative of all the progress and decades that have accompanied us in this history woven through time.

Also very engaging was the experience with Hyperbole, the rug that is partly reminiscent of our historic Textile collection, but with a significant expansion of overlapping textures.
People who visited our booth were invited and asked to recognize the various materials that made it up, thus discovering the different textures from wool to linen, and even getting to taste the subtle difference between silk and bamboo silk.

And after giving these experiences, we also want to give special thanks to those who have been following us forever and those who lingered in front of our carpets for the first time.
So many challenges await us, and seeing that the eyes on us are always increasing in number spurs us always to give our best.
Thank you!