We are delighted to launch our 2020 collection based on ten exclusive artworks.

Skies opening upon ancient, obscure and dazzling universes, delicate stellar visions about to disappear or to reveal themselves. Sirius and its immaterial and limpid constellations create the map of an incessant cosmological dream, full of shades. Essential galaxies, lines that are traced with light on the mirror of a boundless darkness, in which precious circumferences evoke the thought of an eternal and light touch. Galaxies submerged by dazzling flows and galaxies thinning in fine, milky dust. Still galaxies, in which titanic forms surface from a distant blanket and stretch out to one another. Galaxies in which the infinite meets its end, a pile of white, granitic and throbbing fire, which forever connects wholeness and emptiness.

Our 2020 collection Sirius comprises ten rugs, mixing dark and bright designs. In the first group, hues range from intense ultramarine blues to more electric and saturated shades of purple. In the second group, milky whites and light blues shine with touches of brightness. Champagne tones, almost golden in their reflections, highlight all ten designs.

Sirius centers around the contrast between clean geometries and ethereal backdrops with large cloud-like shades. The choice of materials exemplifies this creative expression. The geometric elements are mostly woven with an innovative metallic champagne-colored yarn, which enhances the soft shapes and the fine lines, recalling jewelry. Other details have been created with felt and linen, compact yarns that are particularly well suited for sharp and linear shapes. The backgrounds are woven in New Zealand wool, which provides an intensity and vividness to the colors, and bamboo silk, whose soft and iridescent fibers perfectly represent highlights and subtle nuances.

Each design can be adapted to any type of carpet: from the refined hand-knotted technique, to the most versatile hand-tufted technique, or to the Axminster technique, which is widely used in contract projects.The ten iconic designs of the Sirius collection were conceived as loose rugs but they can effortlessly be turned into wall to wall carpet covering for large areas without losing detail nor refinement, thus responding to the customization needs of each type of project.

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