Our new collection Sirius is featured on the website of Domus magazine, in an article about the contemporary carpet as a localized utopia.


Domus, the architecture and design magazine founded in 1928 by Gio Ponti, mentions Andromeda from our latest in-house rug collection Sirius.

As stated by the article, which introduces ten carpet designs that teach us to measure the space just beyond our body –  what Michel Foucault called “heterotopia” -, “the carpet has become for many people a room, a place to cross, to isolate oneself, to hide. After all, over fifty years ago, in “The order of things”, Michel Foucault theorized it by coining the term “heterotopia” to indicate those real places, found in every culture of all times, structured as defined spaces, but “absolutely different” from all other social spaces.”

Read the full article on the Domus website.