From a kitchen free of plastic bottles to rugs made from recycled PET!
Grohe Blue Professional Loloey

Loloey takes sustainability seriously. Over the last few months we have been looking at our environmental footprint as a business, and have taken steps towards a greener future. One of them has been replacing our use of bottled water with the fantastic Grohe Blue Professional system, thanks to our friends at Grohe Italia. We now have great-tasting – both still and sparkling! – water direct from our office kitchen faucet, and have abandoned the plastic bottles.

Single-use plastic bottles disposal has indeed long been an issue, increasingly under the spotlight for the pollution it creates, particularly in the ocean. In our efforts toward a plastic-free future, we now also offer our clients hand-tufted area rugs for outdoor made from recycled PET. Used plastic bottles are washed, flaked and extruded to produce high quality polyester (PET) fibers. This 100% recycled fiber is then spun to produce exceptionally soft PET carpet yarn.

Our recycled PET carpets are certified and meet the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The Global Recycled Standard is a voluntary, comprehensive international product standard that establishes requirements for certification of recycled materials, chain of custody, social and environmental responsibility practices, and chemical use restrictions.

Contact us if you would like the outdoor area rugs in your next project to help contribute to a cleaner world!