Sybille De Margerie

Sybille De Margerie

Sybille de Margerie‘s capsule collection is like a travel journal around the world. The compositions of landscapes, inspired from mineral and vegetal elements, create the canvas on which Sybille displays her voyages’ memories. 

Her universes depict the world’s expansiveness, as well as its diversity. She invites you to travel through from forested mountains and untouched shores, to the quaint countryside. All universes are more of a sensation than a representation, leaving free reign to the imagination.

Wild Flora theme displays lush jungle, groves or vineyards, in a monochromatic play of lights and shadows. 

Land and Sea evokes the contrast, yet undeniable similarities between the vast, expansive desert and profound, mysterious sea. Horizon design moves out from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. Muted and subtle tones cover a range of ochres, greens and sandy yellows.  

Finally, Winter Beauty leads to a summit of snowflakes against a dark sky, or the  silhouette of a peak cast in the mystery of night. 

The collection renews Sybille de Margerie’s touch with the land, drawing strength from surrounding nature, to ponder its mystery.